Lightning strikes while man, pregnant wife on walk to induce labor

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DOUGLAS COUNTY, Colo. -- Mark and Shannon Edson were just walking to help induce labor, so there son could finally be born.

Shannon is 40 weeks and the baby is just a bit overdue.

While walking the lake in Will Green Park, the couple was struck by a bolt from above…almost a direct hit by a lightning blast Monday.

“I was on my cell phone,” said Mark. “When we heard thunder rumble, we never thought about lightning, but just about then something hit us both in the back of the head…it was like a 2x4 had smashed us from behind.”

The couple both work in law enforcement. Mark says he has been ‘tazed’ in training exercises.

“That give us a 50,000 volt jolt! So I knew we had been shocked some kind of way,” is how Edson put it.

Once they collected their thoughts, the couple hurried to their car and headed to Lutheran Hospital, where Shannon went on a monitor to make sure their expected baby boy was alright.

An hour later doctors gave the couple the ‘all-clear’ and home they went, with perhaps just a little extra energy as a result of their close encounter.

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