Young shooting survivor gets gift that gives her a big smile

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A local business owner is inspired by a 13-year old girl who survived the Aurora shooting.

Tim Powers, owner of Rocky Mountain Laptops, said he was inspired by 13-year-old Kaylan after hearing her story of survival inside theater nine.  He wanted to give something back to the teen who spends a lot of her time giving to the homeless.

So, on Friday he asked FOX 31 Denver to help organize a meeting where he could surprise her with a laptop computer.

When Kaylan walked into the store she had no idea what to expect until Tim greeted her.

"We would like to give you this laptop," said Tim Powers, owner of Rocky Mountain Laptops.

"Oh, my goodness," said Kaylan, who survived the shooting.

"What do you say?" said Heather, Kaylan's mother. "Thank you," said Kaylan.

And thank you is about all Kaylan could say. She said she was stunned by the act of kindness and instead of talking, she said all she could do is laugh and smile.

"I feel like I haven't smiled in a long time, so it feels good," Kaylan said.

And that big grin brought Kaylan's mother to tears. "You are a beautiful soul Kaylan," said her mother.

The 13-year-old also got a bag from Tim and some extra accessories for her laptop.

"This is kind of a netbook with Turbo. It's got extra RAM (memory) in it, pretty good hard drive, a web cam, Windows 7, all that kind of good stuff," Powers said.

So, what's the first thing Kaylan plans to do on her laptop?

"Facebook," said Kaylan, laughing.

Besides connecting with all of her friends, Kaylan plans to continue to tell her story of survival and to try to help others see the positive side of this tragedy.

"It's going to follow me the rest of my life," said Kaylan. "I think that I can be remembering the people on how they lived instead of how they left the world."

Kaylan feels like this laptop will help her achieve her dreams and she's thinking about starting her own blog.