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Teen survivor recalls trying to save young victim in shooting

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DENVER -- Almost a week after the Aurora shooting, and one survivor is already trying to give back.

Thirteen year-old Kaylan survived the shooting at the Aurora movie theater and is now helping to feed the homeless at the Church in the City in Denver Thursday.

"The homeless that come here are, they're good people," said Kaylan.

Caring seems to come naturally to the teen, who has volunteered at the church since she was 10.  For now, she just feels lucky to even be able to hand out sack lunches.

"I kept thinking, 'Oh my god, I am going to die. Today is my last day of living,'" Kaylan said.

For the last few days, all she can think about is the shooting in theater nine. Kaylan was in the third row with her friends and family when she heard gun shots.

"You hear people screaming and the movie is still playing," said Kaylan, "and the lights are still off and I am screaming."

Kaylan was sitting right next to six-year-old Veronica Moser-Sullivan, who she had baby-sat earlier that day.  She said moments after the shooting she saw the bouncy little girl fall to the ground.

"To me it looked like she was skinned right here and there was blood on her shirt and on the floor," said Kaylan.

Kaylan borrowed her friend's phone and called 911.

"I put my hand on Veronica's rib cage and she wasn't breathing," said Kaylan. "They told me to do CPR and I said, 'I can't because her mother is on top of her, I can't get to her chest,'" said Kaylan.

Veronica's mother, Ashley, had also been shot in the chest and couldn't move.

"The last thing I saw inside that theater was a body laying on the ground and a police officer," said Kaylan.

In shock, Kaylan said police officers had to help her out of the theater that night and a few hours later she learned the little girl that she had cared for earlier in the day had died. The six-year-old's mother was in intensive care.

Kaylan still is haunted by that horrifying night.  She said she wishes she could have helped Veronica more and she is humbled that so many people call her a hero for at least trying to help Veronica.

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