Caught on video: two Pennsylvania theater brawls panic crowd

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(CNN) West Homestead, PA — A couple of brawls at a Pennsylvania movie theater sent movie-goers scrambling for cover.  One fight broke out during a showing of “The Dark Knight Rises” at a cinema near Pittsburgh.

Surveillance cameras captured the fights on video.

West Homestead police said 51-year-old Anthony Labarbera shoves another man to the ground. As a woman pours her drink on him, she gets punched in the face. We found out this all started over a bathroom stall.  

It was the first two incidents that happened at the Loews Theater in Homestead Sunday — a pair of situations that happened at the worse possible time, days after the Aurora shootings.  

Police point out a teenager waiting to get in the bathroom after he knocked twice. When Labarbera comes out he has some choice words for the teen, which mom didn’t appreciate. Soon, as she follows him around the corner, a fight breaks out.

No one answered at Labarbera’s house.

This was just one of two incidents.  Also on Sunday, a sold out crowd ran out of a showing of “Dark Knight Rises” after a fight in that theater. Police say it involved two women, something was yelled, and it made everyone jumpy.  

Brandon Hudson reports.

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