Big increase in gun sales immediately after theater massacre

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DENVER -- Gun sales have increased significantly in Colorado, following the shooting at the Aurora theater.

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation processes the background checks, required when a person buys a gun at a gun store.

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation says the number of forms has gone up more than 40 percent over the average weekend before the shooting.

They approved 1216 on Friday and 1243 on Saturday. The average number is 710 per day.

Brad Lightner, manager of the Firing Line store in Aurora says, “Business is up, I’ve seen a lot of interest. People are interested in classes and what’s available for self defense, home defense, that type of thing.” 

Gun owner Anthony Fuentes says, ”Had there been someone in the theater who was armed, they could have stopped that threat. I think it’s a good idea people are arming themselves.”

The CBI says they typically see an increase in gun sales following a shooting tragedy like this.

Rep. Rhonda Fields, a Democrat from Aurora says she thinks there is a better answer.  She says, “We need to come together and come up with preventative strategies to address gun violence. Addressing gun violence with purchasing more guns I don’t think is the right answer.” 

She notes most gun laws are federal, but says she will research possible answer to be discussed in the next Colorado legislative session. 

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