Timeline: Suspect’s background, events leading up to shooting

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Century 16 movie theater in Aurora

Century 16 movie theater in Aurora

DENVER — Police say the suspect in the mass murder at the Century 16 Movie Theater spent a long time planning the attack.

The following is a timeline detailing 24-year-old James Holmes’ background, and events leading up to when the shooting took place.

December 13, 1987 – Born in San Diego

2006 – Graduates from high school

2006 – intern at Salk Institute of Biological Science

2006 – 2010 – earns BS in neuroscience at University of California. Graduates with honors in 2010.

2008 – camp counselor for underprivileged kids

2011 – enrolls in PhD neuroscience program at University of Colorado – Denver

May of 2011 – Shows up at 1690 Paris St. apartment

April 2012 – Starts having packages of ammunition and other material found in his apartment delivered to apartment and school

Orders 6,000 rounds in all and has about 50 packages

5/22/2012 – Buys Glock hand gun at Gander Mountain store in Aurora

Buys a shotgun  the following week. Buys an AR-15 one week after that 

6/7/2012 – Takes mandatory oral exam for students in his program. Reportedly does not pass, although CU says he would not have been kicked out, but worked with instead

6/10/2012 – Emails school saying he is withdrawing from program but does not give a reason

6/25/2012 – Applies for membership at Lead Valley Range gun range and owner describes  Holmes as being unusual, leaving unusual message

7/2/2012 – Spends $300 online to order assault vest, magazine holders and knife

7/5/2012 – Opens account on Adultfriend.com. Reportedly had at least three women that TMZ talked to who did not want to date him

7/7/2012 – Buys another Glock gun. Authorities say all four guns were purchased legally

7/20/2012 – Shooting takes place