DA: Death Penalty Decision ‘Months Down The Line’

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On the same day James Holmes made his first court appearance, Arapahoe County District Attorney Carol Chambers said a decision on the death penalty was still months away.

“Death penalty decision has to be made within 60 days of the arraignment,” Chambers said. “So it is months down the line still. But we will, over the course of those months, be talking with all of the victims, developing relationships just so that they know who we are and who they can talk to, and that will take time in this case.”

Monday’s courtroom procedure ensured Holmes will continue to be held without bond.  He was led from the courtroom back to the Arapahoe County Jail, where he is being held in isolation.

“It was my first time seeing him and it’s important that we treat him as we would treat any other defendant coming into the criminal justice system,” Chambers said.

Chambers also encouraged anyone who might still have information on this case to contact the Aurora Police Department.