Was Friday’s Dark Knight Rises attack inspired by a Batman comic book?

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By Pablo Pereira | MyFoxLA.com

Was Friday’s Dark Knight Rises attack in Aurora, CO, predicted or even inspired by a page in a Batman comic book?

It’s a question some people are asking after getting their hands on a Dark Knight Returns comic published nearly 30 years ago.

The comic is said to be the inspiration for much of the Dark Knight movie series. However, Batman has protected the streets of Gotham in comic books since 1940, and since then there’s a lot of him to go around.

“How many total Batman comics available? There’s thousands,” said Robert Young, owner of Borderlands Comics.

Flipping through all those pages, however, there’s only one scene that could resemble the Aurora massacre, Young said.

It’s six panels in The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller. In it, a man sneaks a handgun into a movie theater and kills three. MORE>>>