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Thieves steal batteries from vehicles at RTD parking lots

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DENVER — Thieves target cars at RTD Park-N-Rides lots in Denver.

And what they’re stealing is pretty unusual. Thieves aren’t stealing electronics, or car stereos–but what’s under the hood.

They’ve taken a liking to car batteries.

Just Tuesday night, they left 10 victims literally and figuratively powerless to do anything.

Andrea young parked her Honda at the RTD Park-n-Ride at S. Colorado Blvd. and E. Evans Ave. Tuesday morning before heading to work.

She returned eight hours later to go home.

“I walked past my car, notice the hood was kind of popped open, pushed it down, not thinking anything,” says Andrea Young of Aurora.

Then, she noticed her driver’s side window was pushed out.

“I got in, tried to start it,” she says.


So she asked her aunt for a jump.

”We pulled over here. I went to open the trunk of the car. Then, we looked in there and there was no battery. So we’re like, ‘There ain’t no battery in here,’” says her aunt Yolanda Young.

No battery. But the theft still shocked her and likely nine other drivers of older cars in the same lot–and two victims elsewhere.

Police couldn’t immediately say the location of those two parking lots.

Thieves unscrew cables or cut them, to swipe this one item that makes their cars go.

“I think it’s ridiculous. I’ve been parking here for over 2-and-a-half years. I’ve been at my job for 2-and-a-half years. I park here all the time. So now, I don’t want to park here no more,” says Andrea.

The theft has really got her amped up and other drivers worried.

“With stuff like that going on we’ll think twice about parking here,” says Jerod Wall, who parked in the lot.

“For me, if it’s push comes to shove, I’d rather walk it. Just ‘cause, I don’t want my car to get broken into,” says Pilar Hollie of Denver.

So Andrea’s car sits in the parking lot–and she sits frustrated at having a car that can’t drive–and forking out $90 for a replacement battery.

“I’d rather have it for something else than the battery I already had,” says Andrea.

RTD Spokesman Scott Reed says many of its 50-plus Park-n-Rides have video surveillance on the parking lots–but not the one at the Colorado Blvd. station.

They do however have cameras on the Light Rail train platform and when vehicles enter and exit the lot.

That is video police will be looking through closely.