FOX31 Exclusive: Miami police confident in their case against Broncos’ Elvis Dumervil

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MIAMI -- A worker at a lingerie shop in Miami Beach called 911 just after 5 p.m. on Saturday, after an altercation allegedly involving Broncos defensive end, Elvis Dumervil.

The witness said, "Um, I had this guy outside with a gun pointing to somebody." The dispatcher said, "This male...what does he look like?" The witness said, "He’s African American, he’s in a white Ford...we are trying to get his license number." The dispatcher responded, "Okay, so it’s a black male in a white car?"

Police say the woman who called 911 is just one of several witnesses who positively identified Elvis Dumervil as one of two men armed with guns that threatened people in another car.

In a FOX31 Denver exlcusive, Sgt. Bobby Hernandez of the Miami Beach Police Department told anchor Deborah Takahara, "We have witnesses that don’t know victim or suspect that saw him walk up to the car, lift his shirt and display a firearm."

Sgt. Hernandez said, "Sometimes people think they get rid of the gun, that’s the end of the case, that’s not the case at all. In these cases we have independent witnesses that claim they saw this aggravated assault in progress and they call us, that’s really all we need, witnesses that can positively identify him, victims positively identify him, that’s enough in the state of Florida to make an arrest."

Sgt. Hernandez said celebrities and athletes visit Miami Beach to relax and have fun. And he said most of them behave and stay out of trouble.

Sgt. Hernandez said, "The unfortunate part of what we see 99 percent of celebrity types we see here in Miami beach come here to have a good time, when they see problems, they kind of avoid them because they know the ramifications for them are a lot worse than they are for the average citizen because of what it could do to their career."

"Basically he (Elvis Dumervil) didn’t heed that advice which we give to all of them, get on the phone and call 911... don’t take those problems into your own hands. In that situation, if that person in that car had a gun and shot him, they would’ve been justified, so I don’t suggest you approach a car period when you have a road rage incident...but don’t also approach a car, lift your shirt display a gun and that’s a recipe for disaster."

Dumervil has not been officially charged. The state attorney's office has 21 days from the time of his arrest to make a decision. His next court appearance is August 13.

Dumervil is out of jail on $7,500 bond.

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Listen to the 911 call here:  RAW AUDIO: 911 tape that led to Elvis Dumveril’s arrest for felony aggravated assault, July 14, 2012.