Denver police investigate alleged sex-trafficking at area massage parlors

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DENVER -- In January, The Colorado Attorney General indicted 14 individuals in a sex-trafficking ring. Six months later, Denver police are doing their own.

On July 5 police raided the Asian Massage business located on S. Colorado Blvd. near E. Yale Ave. and arrested two people, one accused of prostitution.

Court documents show a tip led them to the arrest as part of a bizarre trafficking ring where women from Asia are lured to America with the promise of documents to allow them to live in the United States.

There is a catch.

Police allege the women would be required to accumulate $10,000 by selling sex at various massage parlors around Colorado.

Police also allege in court papers the documents were held "in ransom" until the women earned the parlors that much money.

FOX31 Denver reporter Justin Joseph went inside the Asian Massage business and spoke to an employee.

The woman admitted she was from China. She denied she sold sex at the store though surrounding businesses say the massage business has an almost exclusive male clientele.

The woman employee eventually held two fingers up suggesting the business sold "a little sex" but then said again, "only massage."

Police say though the investigation started with the massage business, they do not now believe it is part of the larger sex-trafficking ring. They say the two arrests they made at the business appear to be isolated.