Viral Video: Don’t run red lights

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ROSELLE PARK, N.J. — A car goes airborne and levels a streetlight after getting t-boned by a slow moving vehicle.

That’s the image from a recently released video that a New Jersey police chief is hoping will sink in with those in his constituency who view it, and those worldwide who may stumble upon it.

“By showing this video, we hope people will realize running red-lights can have tragic consequences,” Roselle Park Police Chief Paul Morrison said. “Our camera program is reducing the number of red-light running violations, but we still need to reach more people.”

A Colorado state senate committee shot down a bill to ban red light cameras in February despite arguments the cameras don’t improve public safety and are generally hated by Coloradans.

Roselle Park implemented its red light safety camera program in May 2011 and officials said it has decreased red light violations at the intersection in the above video by 47 percent.

The city is also reporting that 94 percent of the vehicles issued a violation have not received a second.

For mobile users, watch the video by clicking here.