Sinkhole grows near Leadville, Highway could be closed for a month

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LEADVILLE, Colo. -- The Colorado Transportation Department is seeking emergency bids for repairs to the ever-growing sink hole on U.S. 24 just outside of Leadville.

"We want to get the bids settled as quickly as possible," said CDOT's Ashley Mohr. "Our goal would be to choose a contractor by Monday so they can get to work by weeks end."

The hole began about three or four feet the hole is massive, probably about 35 feet across. The section of road near the 10th Mountain area is closed to traffic in both directions. The detour is around on State Hwy 91, if you are trying to get from Vail to Leadville. At best it can take 40 to 50 minutes to go around the mountain the long way.

All of the Leadville Rush Races slated for this weekend will go off on schedule...both the foot and bike races. The races are qualifiers for the Big race at the end of the season up there in the highest city in the USA.

"We have about 400 runners and 600 bikers," said Josh Colloy, race director. "Our events will probably draw even more people because of the hole, but it won't hurt turnout."

The hole is being caused by the failure of the timbers inside an abandoned train tunnel built in the 1880s. A second tunnel replaced the first one in 1952, it is built with concrete, while closed, it hasn't compromised the road on top of the pair of tunnels.

This is a job for slurry if I ever have seen one. I know that will get you thinking!