Miklosi fundraising picks up, still trailing Coffman

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DENVER – Democratic Congressional candidate Joe Miklosi Friday announced that the just-ended second quarter of fundraising is his biggest haul to date in his campaign to unseat GOP Congressman Mike Coffman in Colorado’s newly-competitive 6th district.

Miklosi raised $336,746 in the year’s second quarter from more than 2,000 donors, bringing his cash on hand to $518,000 with less than four months now until Election Day.

Coffman, who is seeking a third term in what had been a safe GOP seat until this year’s Congressional redistricting, has far out-paced Miklosi on the fundraising front. He brought in more than $600,000 in the second quarter and has $1.8 million cash on hand.

“The amount of support we’ve received so far has been overwhelming,” Coffman, R-Aurora, said. “I’m so grateful to everyone who gave their time, talents and contributions to the campaign so far. We still have a lot of work to do, but we’re on the right course to win this election and continue our work to turn our economy around.”

Miklosi, a two-term state representative from Denver who hasn’t lived in the newly redrawn 6th C.D., faces an uphill battle; but in a suddenly even district that’s key to the Democratic effort to regain a majority in the U.S. House, not to mention the likely swing region in this election year swing state, Miklosi could give Coffman a run for his money.

Coffman’s recent blunder, questioning whether President Barack Obama is “an American in his heart”, has only made the race more competitive.

Miklosi “saw an unprecedented increase in small donor activity since Congressman Mike Coffman’s birther comments that exposed him an as extremist in the new moderate 6th Congressional District”, reads a press release from the his campaign.