Dentist’s patients stunned they need HIV, hepatitis testing

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Former patients of Dr. Stephen Stein, the oral surgeon accused of unsafely using needles and syringes, are now receiving letters directing them to be tested for HIV and hepatitis. Patients are angry they were deceived by a doctor they thought they could trust.

“This was a guy who had the right credentials and was being referred by some very reputable dentists here in the Denver area. I feel like I did everything right,” said Jeanette Monical.

Monical’s two daughters both went to Dr. Stein to have their wisdom teeth removed. They had no complications. Another former patient who didn’t want to be identified also said she was pleased with Stein.

“I was glad that he was able to quickly take the tooth out, but now all these years later to hear that his practices were not good, it’s disappointing,” she said.

As the story unfolds, Monical is more and more distraught.

“I’m not a doctor,” she said. “I can’t begin to treat myself or anything like that. That’s why I go to the right people. As I told you before, I did my homework; I did what I felt I should have done.”

Now she and other former patients wonder why the doctor they trusted put them at risk.

“I just don’t understand how somebody with his background, what he does, what he did, would even take a chance like this,” she said. “For what? 17 cents because he couldn’t replace a needle? He charged enough to pay for those needles.”