Colorado subjected to more political ads than any other state

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A recent Romney campaign advertisement.

A recent Romney campaign advertisement.

DENVER — Does it feel like you’re getting bombarded with an abundance of political ads this year at a rate that’s disproportionate to what the rest of the country is receiving? It’s because you are.

According to a report from MSNBC, no other state in the nation is seeing more political advertising than Colorado, which had three of the top four advertising markets in the country for political this past week.

Colorado Springs was the hardest hit market for the second straight week, with Grand Junction coming in second and Denver in fourth. Two Florida cities — Tampa (third) and Orlando (fifth) — rounded out the top five.

Presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney out-paced President Barack Obama in Colorado Springs, 1,000 points to 985, but Obama held the advantage in Grand Junction (975-820) and Denver (1,000-860). Romney visited Colorado Springs and Grand Junction this week but is yet to visit the state’s biggest city.

GOP-leaning Crossroads was ahead of all the super pacs in all three cities by a sizable margin.