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Police: ‘Waistline Bandit’ in metro Denver, on nationwide crime spree

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DENVER -- It’s a cross country crime spree that started in Austin, Texas at the end of June, moved through Colorado Springs and is now affecting stores in metro Denver.

Police say a robber they’ve dubbed the “waistline bandit” has hit eight stores in Denver and Aurora since July 5.

He targets mostly video and game stores and sandwich shops. He walks in the store, lifts up his shirt and flashes a gun he carries in the waistband of his pants.

He threatens to shoot the clerks if they don’t have over the money.

Police say he makes no attempt to hide his face, and suspect he may not be from the area, but is traveling through.

Aurora Police officer Frank Fania says, “He doesn’t seem nervous, seems real comfortable. He’s not covering his face.  That’s very strange.”

Fania says police always worry with a serial robber like this that things could turn violent.  He says, “That’s always the concern, at some point he might step it up or someone resists or not comply, what would he do.”

Fania says police are offering a $4,000 reward for information that helps lead to the “waistline bandit’s” arrest.

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