First fire, then falling tree keep family from home

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THORNTON, Colo. -- A massive tree falls on the home of a Thornton family of six Friday night.

But, that's not the worst of it.

The Rojas are still recovering from a fire at their home in May.

The family spends their weekends cleaning up their backyard and living in a pop-up trailer there.

"It’s stressful, you know. I’m tired of crying," says homeowner Mary Maese.

She, her husband, two daughters and two grand kids don't live inside their home.

It's uninhabitable after a fire chased them out about 11:30 p.m. on May 17.

"I woke up because of the heat. I looked outside and I heard my sister scream there was a fire. And I ran outside right away," says Sarai Rojas, 12.

But Friday night, it's was a towering toppled tree that damaged their house.

"It wasn’t fast. Just real slow. Boom. I went, 'oh man,' so I ran over here. Everybody was fine. I said, ‘ah, everybody is fine,’" says Loryn Rojas, Maese’s husband.

"Sitting out there, I seen the tree in slow motion, going down. What else? Here we go again," says Maese.

The family was just two weeks away from moving back in. But the tree seriously damaged the roof workers had just finished on Wednesday. How a branch pokes through the ceiling and about six trusses are broken.

"See all the cracks?” Loryn asks. “They have to do the whole thing again."

He says they were so excited Friday night.

They were so close to having their home back--and their family together again.

"We’re all staying in different places apart. That’s really hard on us," says Loryn.

"Just why? There's no answers," says Maese.

But the family says there's no point in dwelling on this double dose of trouble.

First fire. Now, a wayward tree.

"All this can be replaced. I'm just glad they're all alive. That night nobody got hurt," says Loryn.

Now, it's time they'll battle next--as it keeps them apart a while longer.

"My hope is we all be together soon and our house will get fixed," says Sarai.

The Thornton fire department says the cause of the fire was undetermined.

But the family's insurance investigator says it was arson.

They're not sure how much longer the newly broken roof will take to repair.

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