Insurance damage assessment teams visit fire victims

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- It's the next step in the recovery process following a destructive wildfire:  insurance assessment. 

Wednesday, Waldo Canyon Fire damage assessment teams from Allstate and State Farm insurance companies were going door-to-door, advising residents what was, and what wasn't covered by insurance.

Sarah Lange and her family live in an apartment in the heavily hit Mountain Shadows subdivision.

There was no structural damage to her apartment, but a lot of smoke damage. "The smell, the smoke in the house, really bad smoke smell," says Lange, who lives with her partner and daughter.

Even though it was a visit to a rental unit, Allstate used the opportunity to remind homeowners in the area that flood insurance is separate from homeowners insurance, and the flood insurance policy needs 30 days to take effect.

With rain in the forecast, Colorado Springs officials are warning people who live in burn areas to be prepared for the potential of flash flooding.