Obama immigration order divides voters

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DENVER —  Voters are paying attention to President Barack Obama’s recent order to exempt young illegal immigrants from deportation — and moving in different directions.

As expected, the move is paying dividends with Latino voters, the fastest-growing demographic in the country but one that doesn’t always show up to vote.

In a new Latino Decisions poll, enthusiasm among Latinos for the President is up in five key swing states, including Colorado.

Obama now leads Romney by a 70-22 percent margin among Colorado Latinos, according to the poll; and more than half of those surveyed say their enthusiasm for the President has gone up since the executive order earlier this month.

When you average the support across all five states polled — Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Nevada and Virginia — Obama is ahead of Romney 63-27.

But a new poll out today from Quinnipiac University shows that, overall, the executive order has turned off more voters than it’s excited in three key swing states, including Florida.

In Florida, the split is less pronounced than in Ohio and Pennsylvania, with 22 percent saying the move makes them less likely to support Obama and 17 percent saying it makes them more likely to support him.

In both Ohio and Pennsylvania, more than twice as many respondents said the executive order has made them less likely to vote for President Obama this fall.

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