Denver charity helping injured Iraq, Afghanistan veterans

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LITTLETON, Colo. -- It was a pretty cool way to spend a Sunday afternoon, no matter who you are. Motorcycle riders gathered at Rocky Mountain Harley Davidson in Littleton for a fundraiser to honor Iraq and Afghanistan veterans.

But for Mhikal Munny, being out there -- outside his comfort zone -- holds special meaning.

“I mean sometimes I don’t even get out of my bed,” Munny said.

He was a Marine Corporal, injured in Afghanistan. He was shot in the helmet, leaving him with a traumatic brain injury. And then, to make matters even worse, he was hit by a grenade, leaving shrapnel in his body, and leaving him with debilitating post traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD.

“You know, it's hard for me to take a shower, take care of myself, cook food. Anything like that I have to depend on other people to do that for me. It doesn't feel very good,” Munny said.

“He's seen it all, been through it all,” Jim Lockard said of Munny, who he’s taken under his wing.

Lockard's charity, Wounded Warriors Impacting Neighbors, organized Sunday’s motorcycle event. The charity has made it their duty to help the most severely wounded Iraq and Afghanistan veterans transition back in to civilian life -- helping them find homes and jobs.

“So we build the jobs from the individuals needs backwards, we look at what their strengths are, and once we develop that then we can build a job that meets those needs,” Lockard said.

Sunday’s motorcycle ride and auction helped raise money to pay the costs and accomplished another goal: a small step, in helping Mikhail get back to the way he used to be.

“It's brought me out of my house. I never come out of my house. This program, they bring me to events like this, they go get me, and they take me home. It's nice being out of the house,” Munny said.

FOX31 is proud to have teamed with Wounded Warriors Impacting Neighbors as they continue their work to help soldiers like Mikhail in their difficult transition to civilian life.

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