Commentary: Rockies fire pitching coach Apodaca

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All I can say is it’s about time. 

The Rockies had to make this move.  They should have made this move a long time ago. 

Bob Apodaca is no longer Colorado’s pitching coach.  The team is re-assigning him.  Apodaca has been with the organization for 10 years.  That’s a long run.  Maybe too long.

Somebody had to go.  I don’t think it should be manager Jim Tracy.  I really think it should general manager Dan O’Dowd.  If it wasn’t O’Dowd, then I am okay with Apodaca. 

It’s kind of like the BCS.  I am okay with a 4-team playoff, but I would rather have 8 or 16.  

This year’s pitching is so bad.  The Rockies have an ERA of 5.29. That’s worst in the majors.  Their ace, Jeremy Guthrie, is no longer the ace.  In fact, he’s no longer on the starting staff.  The 49-year-old Jaime Moyer experiment didn’t work out.  Plus, the rest of the staff is so young.  The 4-man rotation is not going to fix things.  It’s just not a good year.

I’m sure Apodaca wanted out of this mess. It’s a step in the right direction.  This season is lost, so now they have to look to the future.  They have that young staff, so the focus should be on them.  It’s time to make more moves.  O’Dowd needs to fix this.  He’s not a popular man, but this is the time to do the right thing. 

The fans have shown they are loyal.  Give some love back.