Larimer County residents describe fleeing flames

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LARIMER COUNTY, Colo. -- For evacuees throughout the High Park Fire area, there are only a few main roads which will take them home.

All of those roads are still protected by authorities, but that doesn’t stop people from gathering there.

We found Steve Den living in an aged camper just outside the evacuation zone.

“I’ve been through five forest fires and none of them scared me. This one scared me to death,” said Den.

He lives in Poudre Canyon and was there as the fire came out nowhere on Saturday.

“I kept my camera, my can of Copenhangen, and I grabbed my dog last.”

As Den fled, he snapped some dramatic photographs of the flames coming up a ridge. Now, like other evacuees, he’s had to make a home out of necessity.

“I told old Sturge, ‘buddy we’re going to lose our house,” Den said.

 At the intersection of Highway 287 and Poudre Canyon you’ll find a lot of evacuees watching a newly erected “Road Closed” sign. They’re waiting for it to say anything other than it does.

“We don’t know if our home is there we’re not getting answers we just don’t know what’s going on,” said evacuee Thomas Capps.

Denise Haines feels lucky.

“It was a good feeling to go back,” said Haines.

She was allowed to return home Wednesday after courageous firefighters saved her home at the base of this canyon which is now charred in black.

“It’s sad. Green on one side and the other side is just black,” Haines said.

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