Colorado couple opening Pyrenees rescue sanctuary

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EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. -- For nearly 20 years, people from all over the nation have been using the PYRescue facility operated by Linda and John Kryder. The couple has helped rescue and adopt more than 1800 of the big fluffy, mainly white Great Pyrenees dogs.

“My wife hated dogs and I had never owned one in my 62 years,” said John Kryder. “But when a co-worker brought us a couple of Pry puppies, we were totally taken and simply fell in love with the gentle giants.”

But a recent misstep by John on a recent walk with his 200 pound Pyr, Kuma, has left the couple now in their 80s, wondering how much longer they can keep up with the loveable articulated fur balls.

“Kuma saw me fall and when I couldn’t get up, he got right along side of me and I was able to put my arm over him and he helped me get back on my feet,” said John.

That might have been the writing on the wall for the big dog lover.

“We took out a second mortgage on our (home) and have bought a 40 acre ranch about 20 miles away, where we will set up someone to run our new sanctuary and rescue kennel,” said Linda Kryder. “The ranch house is 1700 square feet and has a horse barn and lots of out-buildings for the dogs, so it will be ready to go once we get someone who loves dogs as much as we do!”

The rescue operation is on Windy Pine Drive in the Black Forest and the Kryders can be reached at 719-495-5896.

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