Hail damage proves costly

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DENVER -- The overnight storms had homeowners calling insurance agents, and insurance appraisers moving from house to house and car to car Thursday.

"We encourage home and car owners to call their agents," said Carole Walker, head of the Rocky Mountain Insurance Association. "Even before calling, we urge people to document the damage as best they can, take images if they can, and to make sure they check the declaration page of their insurance policies to see what they might be responsible for, when it comes to deductibles."

Whether or not the damage was caused by flooding, homeowners should make sure they adjust their policies if they’ve had a number of recent claims.

"We have seen many homeowners file a number of claims close together, and in some cases companies will try to advise people to think about increasing deductibles or paying for some damages out-of-pocket to avoid perhaps having their policies closed-out," said Walker.

In some parts of the metro are, one home might have flooding damage, while next door the home could be suffering hail damage to the roof.

Even cars were subjected to abuse from above, which meant increased calls about estimates and repairs to body shops.