Woman survives kick in head from spooked horse

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By looking at Katie Daniels, you'd have no idea she was stepped on by a horse and lived to tell about it a day later.

The wrangler was riding in a group of six Sunday afternoon near Allenspark in Boulder County, when two people riding dirt bikes spooked the horse she was riding.

The 20-year-old tried to jump off, but the horse kicked her in the back of the head instead.

"I didn't break my neck," she says. But she does have five staples in her head and plenty of lingering body aches.

Because of the remoteness of the area, the Colorado State University student had to be airlifted to Denver Health Medical Center, where she was kept until early Monday morning for tests.

Daniels hopes to get the staples out of her head in 10 days and jump back into the saddle when she is medically cleared.

She is now using the experience to advocate for the usage of helmets for wranglers.