Miklosi and Coffman trading more shots

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DENVER — Looking to overcome his opponent’s incumbency and fundraising advantages, Democrat Joe Miklosi is making some noise in Colorado’s newly-redrawn 6th Congressional District.

And Congressman Mike Coffman, a Republican seeking his third term in what’s no longer a safe GOP district, is firing back.

On Tuesday, a day after FOX 31 Denver first reported that Miklosi’s campaign was pushing a new video of Coffman praising Congressman Joe Wilson, the South Carolina Republican who famously interrupted President Barack Obama’s address to Congress by yelling out “You lie!”, the Democrat’s campaign rolled out a new website highlighting that video.

Miklosi’s website, iheartjoewilson.com, shows the video of Coffman praising Wilson during a speech this February and refers to Coffman as a “Tea Party Congressman” while noting that he and Wilson are “EXTREMELY Similar” by pointing out instances where they voted the same way.

And the site compares Wilson’s famous outburst to Coffman’s comments last month when he questioned whether President Obama was really an American in his heart.

“Tea Party Congressman Mike Coffman and Congressman Joe Wilson are both extremists willing to disgrace their office in order to undermine the Commander in Chief,” Miklosi’s website reads.

Coffman, meanwhile, is firing back and attempting to paint Miklosi, a Democratic state representative from Denver who’s never lived in the 6th C.D. as an interloping outsider.

In an emailed press release titled “Coffman announces 2012 campaign team”, Coffman’s campaign looks to contrast its team of Colorado natives with a group of “hired guns” working for Miklosi.

“We’ve assembled a great, Colorado based team,” Coffman said. “I met each of my staffers before bringing them on. This is an important race, and I wanted to make sure that each member of my team loves and cares about Colorado as much as I do.”

Coffman’s campaign manager, Chris Hansen, is on loan from Congressman Cory Gardner, R-Yuma, who faces an easier reelection challenge in his safe GOP district.

Hansen, who had been serving as Gardner’s Chief of Staff in Washington, D.C.,is taking immediate aim at Miklosi for “bragging to supporters in backrooms that his campaign is staffed by hired-guns from Washington”, according to Coffman’s press release.  

“In an audio clip of one of the backroom meetings, Miklosi said of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in Washington: “They’re paying for my staff. I have people in my office; I don’t even know who they are.”

“Considering that Joe just moved to the district himself, but still represents Denver in the statehouse, it’s no surprise that he would bring in hired-guns from Washington, who don’t have any connection to Colorado,” Hansen said. 

Two hours later, Miklosi’s campaign responded.

“This is a silly ploy to distract from the serious issues that Mike Coffman has refused to address with mainstream press since calling the Commander in Chief un-American more than 20 days ago,” said Joe Hamill, Miklosi’s campaign manager and, he notes, “a proud graduate of the University of Denver”.

“Joe Miklosi didn’t misspeak, he stands by his statement, and unlike Coffman, doesn’t have to apologize in public for the things he says at events. He is proud of the broad support he has across the 6th District, Colorado and the country. 

“Joe Miklosi will fight for every Coloradan in the 6th district and won’t let Coffman hide from his extreme record that includes calling Social Security a Ponzi scheme and voting against the Lilly Leddbetter act that prevents wage discrimination.

“If Mike Coffman wants to talk about real issues, we can start there. Oh, and go Pios,” said Hamill, referring to the D-U mascot.