Former Colo. educator’s racy emails trouble for 2 school districts

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Nancy Sebring. Photo courtesy: Des Moines Register

Nancy Sebring. Photo courtesy: Des Moines Register

DENVER — You’ve heard it over and over again. Don’t send personal email at work.

What has happened to a former Douglas County educator who rose to the top of her business is a glaring example of why you don’t use your work email for personal messages.

Nancy Sebring was a promising superintendent in Des Moines Public Schools. Like many other superintendents, she was moving to the next job, which in Sebring’s case, was to lead Omaha, Nebraska Public Schools.

But the Des Moines Register reports her resignation from Des Moines schools was the result of racy emails sent to a male friend from her work email account. The emails became public after a records request from the Register.

One email sent on April 15 read, “I’ve become addicted to everything about you. Your crazy, colorful body, your kisses…”

Sebring is married. Other messages that became public were more explicit.

Sebring was recently hired as superintendent of the Omaha School District. Des Moines officials discovered the explicit emails when the Omaha World-Herald newspaper filed a records request.

This happened early in May. The Register reports Sebring tried to delete the emails when the school board confronted her about them.

“What she did on her private time and in her personal life, that’s really her business,” says Des Moines School Board member Teree Caldwell-Johnson. “The fact that it became revealed because she did it on district email is the problem.”

The controversy grew, and she was forced to resign as superintendent of Omaha schools before her tenure there ever started. It was her second resignation in a month, all because of indiscretion.

The Des Moines School District’s policy forbids using their computers for personal correspondence, especially anything considered inappropriate.

The policy is the same as it most companies, probably including the one where you work.

Earlier in her career, Sebring worked as deputy superintendent of Douglas County Schools in Colorado. She was a finalist for the Boulder Valley Schools superintendent job last year.