Romney campaign: Obama ‘hostile’ to Colorado job creators

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Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney

DENVER — As part of a coordinated barrage of conference calls in battleground states, Mitt Romney’s campaign Monday argued that President Obama’s policies have been “hostile” to job creators in Colorado.

“As Friday’s disappointing jobs report showed, America’s job creators and small business owners have suffered from Obama’s over-regulation and overreaching policies for too long,” said Romney’s local press secretary, Allie Brandenburger.

Similar calls were also organized for members of the media in all the other big battleground states:Florida, Iowa, Michigan, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Ohio, Nevada and New Mexico.

On the Colorado call, Congressman Scott Tipton, R-Grand Junction, made the case against Obama along with two business owners: Mike Anson of Anson Excavating and Pipe, Inc. and Scott Cook of Cook Chevrolet.

“We’ve seen policies from this president — he’s inhibiting our ability to get access to capital,” Tipton said. “His health care plan is creating uncertainty.”

“We feel like there’s a lot of uncertainly out there and we just can’t get anyone to spend any money,” Anson said. “We used to get jobs that were $500,000 to $1 million and now we can’t even get a job that pays us $100,000.”

The business owners said that health care reform, higher gas prices, the Dodd-Frank regulatory reform act and other new regulations have all hurt their bottom lines.

“All industries and businesses have to be consumer-driven, not regulation-driven,” said Cook, who runs dealerships on the Western Slope. “A lot of people won’t be able to afford to buy cars with these new fuel efficiency standards. People aren’t going to save money on gas because they’re going to pay more just to buy these more expensive cars.”

Last week, Romney came to Craig, Colo. and argued that President Obama’s energy policies have hurt the local economy, even though the town’s mayor and state GOP chairman Ryan Call told reporters that the town’s economy is doing well and that coal and gas production is actually on the rise.