Missing pieces the Broncos could still add

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By Adam Odekirk, Bleacher Report

The Denver Broncos have “made their bed” in many ways with the majority of their roster already this offseason. The addition of a player like Peyton Manning could be enough for many teams to sit back and call it “good.”

However, John Elway knows that for every MVP quarterback to win a Super Bowl, there is another Darrien Gordon that needs to be on the roster to put them over the edge as it did for Elway himself.

Denver has sought out valuable pieces in Tracy Porter, Brandon Stokley, Mike Adams, etc., but are there still players out there who could help the Broncos in their quest to return to the playoffs and make some noise?

The offense seems very close to being set at all of the skill positions, as well as the offensive line with the addition of rookie center Philip Blake out of Baylor. If Denver were to make a move on offense it would likely be because of injury or a player being cut that many didn’t expect which still remains to be seen. READ MORE>>>