Should Facebook allow preteens?

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DENVER -- There are plenty of families in Colorado who already allow their younger kids to join Facebook, despite an age requirement of 13. 

“If you monitor your children and know who their friends are, I think Facebook is fine,” said one Colorado mom whose 9-year-old son lied about his age to get an account. 

But soon it’s possible younger kids won’t have to lie any more. 

Facebook is testing ways to allow kids under age 13 to join. It would be with parent supervision, perhaps connecting children’s accounts to their parents. 

One Englewood mother of three hopes it doesn’t happen. 

“I think it’s a terrible idea.  I just don’t think they are mature enough to be a part of something like that,” said Amy Capra.  She made her oldest daughter wait until she was in high school to get an account.  She plans to do the same for her younger two children. 

Michael Sabbeth, an attorney and author of parenting books, says a change like that would present some challenges for parents. 

“The predators, they go after little children,” Sabbeth said.  “The parent has to be more vigilant, more attentive, more involved, more engaged,” he said.