Severe storms blow through Colorado

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DENVER – Lighting struck three homes in metro Denver as strong to severe storms rumbled across the Front Range.

"We hear this huge crack of thunder," says Lone Tree resident Mary Hinkley.

As lightning electrified the sky, bolt after bolt hit their targets.

The first bolt crumbles solid concrete shingles like delicate china.

"We heard what sounded like broken glass. I figured it was shingles. I came out and shingles were all over the yard and still falling," says Mary’s husband, Lewis.

A bolt of lightning ripped through the roof causing fire in the attic and leaving a gaping hole in the ceiling of the guest bedroom--insulation everywhere--and the elements become uninvited houseguests.

"Now we have a big hole in our roof, big hole in the ceiling of the second floor and things are dropping," says Mary.

The hallway ceiling also takes a hit, as light peers through the ceiling.

“We were in the house watching TV," says Parker resident Kathie Story.

About a half hour later, another bolt jolts Story's home on Foxton Drive.

You can see where lightning hit the top of her home--and where it exited.

"It hit the peak of the house, and secondary, it went down the gutter and blew the copper pipe, our water pipe," she says.

But the damage wasn’t done yet.

Across town, lightning rips through the roof of a Highlands Ranch home on Fullerton Circle, finding its way into the flue, down to the fireplace.

"It almost appears like an explosion. Fire started right there, where the fireplace was, almost like the fire got out of the fireplace," says Littleton Fire Battalion Chief John Easton.

No one was hurt at any of the lightning-sparked fires.

Severe weather blew through the eastern plains Saturday afternoon.

A 67 mph wind gust was reports at Denver International Airport at 2:43 p.m. and a 82 mph gust was recorded in Strasburg 15 minutes later.

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Lamar Credit: Donna Miller

Prowers County Credit: Heather Burkhart

Prowers County
Credit: Heather Burkhart