With construction on the itinerary, detours finally arrive at DIA

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DENVER – Major detours at Denver International airport began Saturday in preparation for the construction of a new hotel and commuter-rail terminal. itinerary

The detours will be in place over the next two years and affect roadways on the west side of the terminal, on levels four and six, used for passenger pickup and drop-off.

Project manager, Stu Williams said the detours will cause little or no delay, according to the Denver Post.

Instead of entering the drop-off area (level 6) from the south, drivers will swing out West to a roadway located to the left of Pena Blvd and enter the drop-off area from the north.

Entrance to passenger pick-up (level 4) will be detoured through the terminal parking garage.

DIA conducted a “real-time” run-through of these detours several weeks ago to make certain things would continue to run smoothly. As for the winter, Williams said snow plows have gone through the detours to ensure routes can be cleared.

None of the east or west side terminal parking will be affected during construction.

Employees at DIA will be on the drop-off and pick-up levels between 2 and 3 a.m. Saturday to answer questions and assist in the transition.