Motocross not just for men anymore

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GOLDEN -- With speeds up to 50 mph and altitudes of 50 feet off the ground, it's certainly dirty, dangerous and sometimes, death defying. 

“It's very, very physically demanding.  The skill set you need to be able to go fast on one of these is something that not many people have," says David Clabaugh, owner of Thunder Valley Motocross Track in Golden.

This Saturday is a big one for moto-madness.  It's the Toyota Truck Motocross National in Golden.

It's those magnificent men and their flying machines.  Ok, scratch that. 

For five years now, women, like 21-year-old Lauren Volentir, have been making tracks into the once exclusive moto-man sport. 

"I actually saw the Disney Channel movie "Motocross."  My dad had a bike and I told him I wanted to ride.  So he got me a bike about a month later and I just went from there," explains Volentir. 

Now Volentir will be competing at the national event in Golden, where men and women will race in separate divisions.

Lauren Volentir is soft spoken, but don't let that fool you.

"It’s a guys sport, and if a girl can do it, it's even more bad ass," she says.

It's not easy blazing a trail into man-land, but Lauren Volentir has a full tank of gas, and she's not afraid of getting hurt.




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