Study: Hormone replacement therapy should begin just before menopause

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DENVER – New research on hormone replacement therapy says it no longer poses the threat to your heart that was once thought.  

 In fact, new research published in the new issue of Climacteric, the Journal of the International Menopause Society says beginning HRT at the onset of menopause can actually help prevent certain diseases. 

Dr. Daniel Jacobs of Rocky Mountain OB-GYN says starting HRT will be beneficial for many women and adds, “hormone replacement therapy early in menopause may actually protect the heart, protect the bones there’s some evidence of decreased colon cancer.” 

Not all women should take HRT, and that’s why doctors prescribe it after looking at many other health factors. 

“Some studies suggest a slight increase in breast cancer,” says Jacobs.

Many women say conflicting studies cause a lot of frustration when it comes to deciding whether to take HRT. 

Ellie Ratner, who is only 40 now, says “I had to ask my mother what she’s doing, she’s still on hormone replacement therapy so it confuses you when you hear the reports about it.” 

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