Marijuana DUI bill fails due to Senator’s absence

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Yet another casualty of the special session.

A measure that would have made it easier for prosecutors to convict people caught driving high on marijuana failed in the State Senate Tuesday because a key supporter wasn’t there.

The measure failed by a tie vote of 17-17. It had already passed in the Senate during the regular legislative session 18-17. However, Sen. Nancy Spence (R-Centennial) was unable to return to the State Capitol for the vote Tuesday due to a prior family commitment in San Diego.

“I assumed it wouldn’t be brought up until tomorrow morning,” Spence told the Denver Post. “I’m just so, so sorry and so disappointed.”

Sponsored by a former police officer, Sen. Steve King (R-Grand Junction), the legislation would set a limit of THC that could be in the blood while driving at 5 nanograms.

On Monday, the first day of the special session, a bill to legally recognize civil unions in Colorado died in a House committee.

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