In wake of scandal, firefighter calendar returns with new management

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DENVER -- The Colorado Firefighter Calendar left some people feeling burned last fall when the woman who founded the organization behind it spent money meant for charity instead, on herself.

Now, the calendar rises from the ashes under a new volunteer organization, Colorado Firefighter Calendar Inc.

"We are really excited about the future of the calendar," says Barbara Brooks, saying the organization has two treasurers and a full board of directors to prevent any future misuse of funds.

The calendar's new organization is happy the mission to help burned children, is back.

"All net proceeds go to Children's Hospital," says firefighter Tyler Capron.

This Friday is the first major event since the scandal: an audition for the 2013 calendar.

33 men and women will try out for 14 spots Friday night at the EXDO Event Center at 1399 35th St. In Denver. Tickets start at $40. You can buy them at the door or cheaper online at