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Local breast milk bank in need of donors

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The Mother’s Milk Bank

The Mother’s Milk Bank

DENVER – Experts say a mother’s breast milk is the best for her newborn.

For babies who are born prematurely or with threatening complications, breast milk can literally be a life-saver.

But today, demand is not keeping up with the supply. And The Mother’s Milk Bank in Denver and is literally drying up.

The Mother’s Milk Bank serves 80 different hospitals across the country and is one of only 11 operating banks in the country. The organization collects and supplies donated breast milk for babies with special needs.

The supply right now is at an all-time low and the bank may not have enough milk to send to those who need it.

“The milk goes to hospitals for their preterm and sick infants and it is life-saving. Some of these children will not survive without it,” says Laraine Lockhart-Borman, manager of the Mother’s Milk Bank in Denver.

Since there are so many babies who need breast milk who can’t otherwise get it, the Mother’s Milk Bank is looking for donors who can help supply babies in-need.

Call for an appointment:

Mother’s Milk Bank
Presbyterian/St Luke’s Medical Center
1719 East 19th Avenue
Denver, Colorado 80218
(303) 869-1888

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