Man looks for people who saved his wife’s life

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AURORA -- An Aurora man is crediting two people he doesn't know for saving his wife's life last week. Don Scott said two strangers performed critical CPR immediately after his wife Pam Lewis collapsed outside their daughters' elementary school last Wednesday. Scott said a paramedic told him later the pair were lifesavers.

"He told me if it wasn't for the two people that did CPR that we wouldn't be sitting here having the same discussion," Scott said Sunday.

Doctors told Scott that Lewis had an episode of Sudden Arrhythmia Syndrome (SADS), a genetic heart rhythm abnormality that strikes young, apparently healthy people which Lewis was until about noon on Wednesday.

Lewis, 43, who was waiting to pick up one of their daughters from Sunrise Elementary School was transported to Medical Center of Aurora where she is recuperating. Scott said he didn't know the people who came to his wife's rescue but he's enormously grateful.

"How do you thank someone for that, how do you say thank you, you saved my entire family," he said. "You took a moment in time when other people would have panicked and you had the calmness of mind to use what you knew to save someone you didn't know."

Scott said Lewis' upcoming birthday, which falls on Mother's Day, will be cause for extra-special celebration.

"This is going to be the best Mother's Day and best birthday that she's ever had," he said. "I mean it's a brand new day."

Text by Hendrik Sybrandy