Two stores caught selling alcohol to minors

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HIGHLANDS RANCH, Colo. -- Two major groceries stores were cited for selling alcohol to minors after Douglas County detectives conducted an undercover sting Wednesday night.

With prom season in full swing and graduation approaching, the DCSO Special Investigations conducted 30 compliance checks at businesses with liquor licenses.

"We want people to be in compliance with the law and know we're going to hold them accountable if they're not," said Sgt. Ron Hanavan.

In each scenario, an underage volunteer would enter the store and attempt to purchase alcohol using their real ID with an undercover officer nearby.

Just 10 minutes into the undercover sting, a cashier in the self-check out area of King Soopers was caught selling to a minor.

"Cashier came over and checked his ID. I don't know if she just got a little flustered, but she ended up selling the alcohol to him," said an undercover detective.

A cashier at Safeway also sold alcohol to an undercover informant.

“[The cashier] saw that the birth date was from 1992 and went ahead and let him buy it anyway," said one undercover detective. The clerk admitted to his carelessness.

The grocery stores were the only two businesses cited during the sting.

A citation is a first class misdemeanor, punishable up to 18 months in jail and a $200 fine.  Businesses that are repeat offenders could lose their liquor license.

The Douglas County Sheriff's Office will continue their undercover sting in the next few weeks.  They do compliance checks once a year.