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David Beckham watch is under way in Denver

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DENVER -- He's a world famous soccer star. But even if you don't follow the sport, you probably know David Beckham.

He transcends sports.

And he's raised the profile for major league soccer in America.

He's now in Denver with his L.A. Galaxy teammates preparing to take on the Colorado Rapids Saturday at Dick's Sporting Goods Park.

The stadium will be filled both with fans who admire Beckham's soccer skills--and those who just admire how he looks.

His searing good looks earning him title as one of the world's most beautiful athletes.

And he's in Denver. But where?

"'Have you seen him? I ask a cute little blonde rollerblading outside the Denver City Center Marriott. 'Not yet. I would like to though,'" she laughs.

Word has it Beckham and his teammates are staying at a downtown Marriott Hotel on California St.

"No, I haven't seen him. I'm going to keep my eye out on that hotel though," says Ibrahim Bangoura, waiting for light rail across the street from the Marriott.

"Would you be interested in seeing him? My wife would," laughs another man visiting from Ohio.

We catch two guys waiting for the team to arrive to get autographs.

Maybe he's ducked in for a pint at the British Bulldog.

"Have you seen him?" I ask. "No. Haven't spotted him yet," says a patron sitting outside the English Pub.

"If David Beckham wants to come in I'll buy his whole tab," says the manager of the bar.

He's not here.

"Are you looking for David Beckham? Yes. Have you tried Burger King?" jokes another drinker at the pub.

He's virtually everywhere.

But we know he's not in China--with his wife Victoria. She's debuting a special edition Range Rover.

Beckham's also not at the soccer stadium yet.

But his fans are.

"Very excited, very, very excited," says fan Javier Valencia, who just bought three tickets for Saturday's game.

The game is a sell-out.

"There's definitely a buzz there's a bit of energy because he's coming. People want to see him," says Rapids President Tim Hinchey.

Girls go gaga for number 23.

"I know that's how I get my wife to come out to the games.

And so apparently do the guys.

"Do you think he's sexy? I ask. "Nice guy. Sexy guy. Why not. Everybody loves Beckham. It's honest. There's nothing wrong with that," says Valencia.

With just a handful of tickets left, the Rapids will open a Standing Room Only section. Tickets sell for $20.