All about bacon!

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It’s all about bacon this morning.

Local amateur cooks faceoff this weekend in the debut of Denv’ers Bacon Takedown series.

Matt Timms the host of the Bacon Takedown series and Contestant Jason Morse tell us more.

The bacon takedown is this Sunday from 2 – 4pm at Casselman’s. It’s $15 to taste and judge all the bacon entries.

Bacon Wrapped Shrimp: "Black and Blue"

Jason K. Morse

16/20 Count Shrimp  6 Each

Hormel Black Label Bacon 6 Slices Use Center Cut

Blackening Spice  2 Tbsp  Dust bacon wrapped shrimp

Polenta, Round   6  Slices

Blackening Spice    1 Tbsp Lightly dust polenta

Olive Oil 3 Tbsp

Italian Parsley 2 Tbsp Chopped

Gorgonzola Cheese as Garnis 1/4 cup


  • Clean and Peel the shrimp, and ensure they are fully defrosted.  Place on a paper towel to pat dry
  • Using the center cut bacon, wrap each shrimp with one slice of bacon, and toothpick the bacon to avoid unwrapping
  • Lightly dust the polenta rounds with blackening spice, and sauté until the outside is golden brown and spice has "blackened"
  • Remove the polenta rounds and place on a serving plate
  • Wipe the sauté pan to remove any extra seasoning, return to the heat
  • Add the bacon wrapped, blackening spice coated shrimp and sauté until fully cooked and the bacon is golden.  Cover if needed
  • Remove from the sauté pan, place on top of the polenta rounds
  • Sprinkle with the Gorgonzola Cheese and garnish with the chopped parsley
  • A great, quick appetizer.
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