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Pace blasts Tipton, staffer for gas prices comment

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DENVER — Just as GOP Congressman Scott Tipton has gotten serious about raising some money, a statement from his campaign manager has given his opponent, Democratic state Rep. Sal Pace, a new opening.

Pace sent out an email fundraising blast Monday morning and is going on MSNBC Monday night — all in response to a statement from Michael Fortney, Tipton’s campaign manager, that the Republican incumbent “felt good” about high unemployment and rising gas prices.

The comment, published by The Colorado Observer, read as follows:

“Voters in the 3rd District are rejecting Obama’s policies that have led to gas prices doubling, the national debt doubled, and unemployment has barely moved. We feel good about our chances,” Fortney said.

Fortney has since told The Denver Post his quote was “taken out of context.”

Meanwhile, Pace is wasting no time spinning it — and launching a petition on his website demanding an apology.

“It’s wrong to hope for the continued suffering of thousands of Coloradans simply to be used for one’s own political gain,” reads a post on Pace’s campaign website.

Pace’s campaign is also contending that The Colorado Observer, which is a right-leaning website, altered Fortney’s original quote.

A screen-grab of the Observer’s original story, taken by Pace’s campaign and emailed to FOX31 Denver and other news outlets, shows that, on Saturday, Fortney’s quote was different:

“With gas prices doubled, the national debt doubled, and unemployment has barely moved, we feel good,” said Fortney.