Denver man gives all, but fails to become Denver Broncos cheerleader

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DENVER -- 21-year old Sacha Heppell says his attempt to become a Denver Broncos cheerleader was on the level. His goal, to be the first man to wear the Bronco cheerleading chaps.

“I wanted my kids at the Open Media Foundation to learn that they can do whatever they set their minds to,” said Heppell. “I was at a big disadvantage … these young women have been dancing since they could walk … me not so much, more like three weeks!”

Still, the spry guy, took commands well and did the best he could. The Bronco’s entertainment coordinator said, “There are many positions for men to root for the home team, they can be in the drum line, sky-divers, or even in the tumbling crew … but the cheer squad is for women!”

Sacha gave it his best but really hopes his kids learn that if you don’t try, you never know what you can accomplish. He does say he has another year to practice for tryouts next year.