‘Kids 4 Kidneys’ campaign launched to save teacher

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DENVER -- Students and parents at Amos Steck Elementary School in Denver have a video, web page and full-fledged campaign to find a kidney for their 4thgrade teacher, Andrew Menard.

“I have polycystic kidney disease (PKD),” said Andrew Menard, who has taught in DPS for the past 18 years. “600,000 Americans have this disease and it affects 12.5 million children and adults worldwide. PKD is also one of the four leading causes of kidney failure.”

To help their beloved teacher—who was also awarded the 2011 Distinguished Teacher Award—students and parents put on an all-school assembly to kick off the “Kids 4 Kidneys” program. They are trying to save his life.

Now, Menard is trying to get on the cadaver donor list, but that could take years. The hope is that he can find a ‘live-donor’ whose blood type is A-positive so that this teacher can continue to pass knowledge on to Steck students for years to come.

The website for K4K is: kids4kidneys.com. That is where you can find out how to donate and support Mr. Menard in his efforts to live a normal life.

The only other option for Menard is kidney dialysis, which would mean three hours a day, three times a week, going to the clinic to have his blood cleaned by machines.

“It would give me a lot of time to grade papers but I would rather avoid that solution as I saw my dad go through that and slowly get worn down in the process,” said Menard.

If you would like to help, contact K4K, where they say no offer of help will be turned down!