Democratic strategist learns hard way not to mess with a mother

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DENVER -- Don't mess with a mother: that the lesson a Democratic strategist learned the hard way this week.

On Wednesday night, Hilary Rosen said Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's wife, Ann, had never worked a day in her life because she has only been a stay-at-home mom.

Her comment brought instant backlash. Many moms took to Facebook and Twitter to fire back at Rosen, who later apologized.

Many of those speaking out were stay-at-home mom's including Mary Dahl of Aurora.  Just like Ann Romney, she's raising five boys. Her sons are ten, six and seven-year-old triplets.

"It is definitely a full-time job," said Dahl.

After school, Dahl helps her sons do their homework, and makes sure boys get enough food to eat and enough milk to drink.

"Milk...we go through about 3 to 4 gallons a week," Dahl said.

While doing all of this, she is always watching the clock.

"I can't take individual time with each of them because we have to be ready for soccer practice," said Dahl.

It's just part of being a full-time mom for Mary, who also helps manages her family's finances.

"If you are a stay-at-home mom... your budget is even tighter. You have to be more creative," Dahl said.

With only her husband's income, Mary said she is constantly trying to make better choices for her family.

"Here at home, it's a question of 'Do I want to spend my money on saving up for a camping trip? Or do we want to take guitar lessons this summer?" said Dahl.

But there is one decision that Mary feels will be easier to make now that Rosen made her comments about stay-at-home mom's.

"I think in the words of President Obama, it might be time for a change," Dahl said.

Many democrats are worried there may be political backlash come election time because of Rosen's comments.

President Obama was also quick to criticize Rosen, saying "there is no more important job than being a mom."