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Rockies opening day – the ‘must attend’ event of the season

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DENVER -- Opening Day only comes once a year—for baseball that is—and for true fans it’s the one day that you just have to get off work, skip school, or otherwise play hookie so that you can be at the game.

More than 50,000 took in the game and the beautiful weather to see the San Francisco Giants, who won the World Series two years ago, whip up on the home team, Colorado Rockies.

“Go Rockies,” was the cheer of the day as people gathered early to party a bit, get in the mood, and in generally have some fun in lower downtown Denver.

For 10-year-old, Weston Kinney, he was decked out with purple Monday Rockies gear anxious to attend his first Opening Day. “I can’t wait to see the Rockies kick some butt!”

Big and little alike, fans were on board with the home team, but even with rally towels that were handed out, there was very little joy in Mudville today as the visiting team proved too much for even an opening day crowd to help.

The Rockies bowing to the Giants… but hey, this is just the first home game for the Rox, don’t give up just yet!