Lakewood proposes outdoor smoking restrictions

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Cigarette extinguished in ash tray

Cigarette extinguished in ash tray

LAKEWOOD, Colo. — It could soon be illegal to smoke outside if a law passes in Lakewood. The debate about it happened Monday night.

The proposals under consideration include:
— No smoking on restaurant patios
— 25 feet of smoke-free clearance at doorways instead of 15 feet
— No smoking protections in the “gathering places” of parks
— Ban on new hooka bars, must be 18 to go in existing ones

Not all residents are happy about the proposals. “Not too thrilled about it,” says Lakewood resident Chad Horn. “I was happy they did it inside but when we are outside the smoke goes away. People don’t have to be around if they don’t want to be.”

The city of Greeley passed a similar measure in 2003 and according to their statistics, heart attacks fell 27 percent.

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