Students charged in high school sex video case

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WESTMINSTER, Colo. – Two teenagers now face charges of sexual exploitation of a child in connection with a video that circulated through Standley Lake High School in Westminster.

According to Jefferson County District Attorney spokeswoman Pam Russell, the suspects are 16 and 17-years-old.  They were arrested and then released on a personal recognizance bond, ordered to avoid contact with witnesses or the alleged victim, and ordered not to possess cell phones.

In March, a video of the students performing a sex act “went viral” throughout the school.

While only a few details have been released about what happened, students at the school tell FOX31 Denver their side of the story.

“It was two kids from my school one was a freshman one was a junior. The guy was a junior,” says a freshman student who wanted to remain anonymous.

The video was allegedly recorded by the male junior student and was passed along throughout the high school baseball team then quickly throughout the school.

“Someone had dared the girl to do things with the guy with other kids in the car. Someone pulled a camera out to videotape it and sent it around the school,” she says.

Days after being assigned to the case, a Westminster detective was the subject of his own investigation and was released from the police department.

Westminster police have not released information about the detective involved or if he might face charges.

“I’ve heard several stories maybe he like sent it to someone or he knew about it and didn’t tell anyone,” says a sophomore student who also wanted to remain anonymous.

“I just saw a whole bunch of people crowding around this one person of a phone and there was the video I heard about,” the student tells FOX31 Denver about how he found out about the video. “I saw it but I didn’t want it on my phone.”

Westminster police continue to warn any students who may be tempted to watch or share the video with others.

“To view that video or a video similar to that potentially is a felony as well to forward that from a cell phone to a friend’s email or to a friend’s cell phone,” says Trevor Materasso of the Westminster Police Department.

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