Object crashes into windshield on 6th Avenue

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Hendrik Sybrandy | FOX31 Denver

LAKEWOOD, Colo. -- "Stunned and thankful." That's how a Lakewood couple is feeling after an object, most likely a bottle, struck their car windshield early Sunday morning.

Scott and Kathy Welsh were headed home after a night out when their windshield exploded as their vehicle traveled westbound on Sixth Avenue.

"To me it really sounded like a gunshot, just like a boom," Scott Welsh said. "And then I was like, ‘did that really happen?’ I was kind of in disbelief."

"It was just very scary, it was really loud," Kathy Welsh said.

Glass sprayed the couple as the car continued west.

Scott Welsh, the driver, pulled the vehicle off the highway while his wife called 9-1-1. Moments later, another car whose tires were flattened by the mystery object pulled in behind them.

The Welshes said police officers told them a bottle was the likely culprit and that the Perry St. overpass has become a problem area. Several other incidents involving objects thrown from the bridge have reportedly occurred in the past few weeks.

The Welshes, who were not injured, said they considered themselves extremely lucky.

"Somebody could have really been hurt," Scott Welsh said. "What the hell goes on in this world?" he wondered. "What makes you think you want to go chuck something off a bridge and think it's fun or funny?"

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